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Total Thesies Record M.Phil

S.No. Researcher Title Supervisor Year Subject Pages
2 Mahboob A : Popatia Pakistan's Relations with the Soviet Union, 1947-79: A Study in Constraints and Compulsions Dr . Syed Adil Hussain 1988 Pol. Sci 154
3 Qamar un Nisa Qureshi Job Satisfaction of Secondary School Teachers In Karachi Dr. Azhar Rizvi 1988 Education 209
4 Anwar Shaheen An Inquiry into the Sociological Factors which Affect National Integration in Pakistan Prof. Dr. Mrs. Aquila Kiani 1989 Sociology 261
5 Muhammad Fakharul Huda Siddiqui An Analysis of the Role of Orangi Pilot Project in the Process of Social Change in the Community Prof. Dr. Mrs. Aquila Kiani 1990 S.Work 200
6 Zeeba Zafar Mahmood The Shaping of Karachi's Big Entrepreneurs: A Socio-political Study Prof. Dr. Syed Jaffar Ahmed 1998 Pol . Sci 295
7 محمد عابد مارشل لا کی سویلین حکومت میں منتقلی کی حرکیات: محمد خان جونیجو کی وزارت عظمیٰ کا ایک جائزہ پروفیسر ڈاکٹر سید جعفر احمد 2007 سیاسیات 274
8 Saima Naz The Role of Military in National Development of Pakistan Ejaz Hussain Khokhar 2007 Pakistan Studies 144
9 Farzana Shakoor Rethinking Pakistan-India Relationship in the Post Cold War Era: 1989-2009, Pakistan Quest for Peace Prof. Dr . Naveed Ahmed Tahir 2012 I.R 130
10 سمیرا یونس محترمہ فاطمہ جناح کا سیاسی کردار ڈاکٹر سید جعفر احمد 2013 سیاسیات 208
11 Mazhar Ali Impact of War on Terror among the Youth a Case Study of Bazid Khel in K.P Dr Shoaib Ahmed 2015 Politics 141