05-Jenkins’ Deliberations on Communal Conflict with the Leaders of Punjab: 1946-47 (Part-II)


Jenkins was the last Governor of United Punjab. He held the office of Governor from 8th April 1946 to 15th August 1947. A very crucial period in the history of Punjab. The indepth study of this period is very important to understand the creation of Pakistan and continuous disturbance in Kashmir. However, in this paper the emphasis is on Jenkins deliberations with Punjab leaders during 1946-47. The main leaders of Punjab were Iftikhar Mamdot (President Punjab Muslim League), Mian Mumtaz Daultana (MLA), Firoz Khan Noon (MLA), Tara Singh (MLA), Sardar Baldev Singh (Defence Minister in 1946-1947) and Gopi Chand Bhargava (MLA). This deliberation between Jenkins and Punjab leaders reveals the extent of trust that existed between them.

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