04- 1973 Constitution and the Conflict between Secular and Islamic Forces


Right from its very inception the state and society of Pakistan has been confronted with the question of identity and direction. Some wanted to see Pakistan clad in secular and others in Islamic cloak. The supporters of these two schools of thought have been so positioned that they enjoyed influence on both sides of state and society. The tussle between the two groups resulted in serious confusion at different stages of Pakistan’s history. This has in its turn, provided ample opportunity to any of the above mentioned camps to twist and turn the constitution according to their own sweet will. The unhappy result of all this experimentation with the constitution has been that the Pakistani society is still waiting for harmony that a constitution is suffered to provide.

This research is an in-depth study of the causes and consequences of the struggle between secular and Islamic forces in Pakistani state and society. It aims to explore new avenues for positive progress.


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