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Pakistan Perspectives

Instructions for Authors


  1. Authority: Articles submitted to the journal will be processed according to the decision of Editorial Board.
  2. Declaration: The author(s) will also give a declaration that:
  3. a) work is original;
  4. b) not published earlier; and
  5. c) not submitted for publication with any other journal or publisher(s).

iii. Length: article’s length should be from 5000 to 7000 words.

  1. Similarity check: Plagiarism check is encouraged by the author(s) before submitting the article. Turnitin similarity index report may also be sent along the article.
  2. Referencing style: References should follow Turabian Style References. Also make sure that a uniform referencing style has been used throughout the article.
  3. Articles with incomplete references will be sent back to author(s).

vii. Joint authorship: In case of joint paper, authors’ declaration should accompany the submission, giving detail about the sections written by individual authors.

viii. The journal gives preference to single author articles. The work of two authors are acceptable only in the case one is Ph.D. supervisor and the other Ph.D. candidate.

  1. Manuscripts: It should be typewritten or prepared on a word processor, with all material double-spaced, on one side of letter-sized paper, with suitably wide margins. All pages should be numbered consecutively, beginning with page 1, being the title page. Tables and figures should be numbered serially, and legends to illustrations should be prepared on separate sheets. Tables and figures will be placed near their first mention in the text; all tables and figures must be referred to in the manuscript.
  2. Abstract: Each article must be preceded by a succinct abstract, of up to 250 words, that highlights the objectives, methods, results, and conclusions of the paper.
  3. Key words: To identify the subjects under which the article may be indexed, 6-10 key words should be provided.


Guidelines for Submission

Manuscripts sent for publication in Pakistan Perspectives should be in accordance with the following guidelines:

 Softcopies of articles, review articles, comments, short research notes and book reviews should be sent to the Editor, Pakistan Perspectives, Pakistan Study Centre, University of Karachi (Email:;

 First page of the manuscript should contain the title of the paper, along with the name, official affiliation, postal address, telephone, CNIC number and E-mail of the author. Acknowledgements can also be mentioned.

 Articles published in Pakistan Perspectives are abstracted in SSRN. The network accepts articles by single authors, so, articles written by two or more authors will not be indexed by SSRN.

 Articles should be between 5,000 – 7,000 words, with an abstract of about 100-150 words with at least six key words.

 For footnotes the Chicago Turabian (8th Edition) documentation style is being followed in Pakistan Perspectives. Articles in any other style will not be accepted.

 Submitted article must be original, i.e.:

(i) It must add something new to the knowledge on the subject;

(ii) It should be free of plagiarism of all sorts (lifted material, too many unnecessary quotations, unacknowledged data or borrowed expression, etc.).

 Submission also implies that it has not been published before or offered for publication to any other publisher before or simultaneously.

 Copies of articles and review articles are sent to national and international authorities on the subject for peer review. Some of the manuscripts are rejected, some need revision. Acceptance letters are issued only after the whole process is complete which may take from four to twelve months.

Pakistan Perspectives accepts all shades of opinion but responsibility for opinions expressed and accuracy of facts rests solely with the author.

 Manuscripts accepted for publication become the copyright of the journal, unless specifically agreed.

 All contributors will get a copy of the journal and 10 off-prints.