M.A (Previous)

PSC-511: Religious Ideals and Ethical Values of Pakistan (3 credits)

PSC-521: Geography of Pakistan

PSC-531: History and Culture of the Muslim Community in the Subcontinent-I (3 credits)

PSC-541: Sociological Study of Pakistan-I (3 credits)

PSC-551: Literary and Cultural Heritage of Pakistan-I (3 credits)

PSC-512: Research Methodology (3 credits)

PSC-522: Art and Architectural Heritage of Pakistan (3 credits)

PSC-532: History and Culture of the Muslim Community in the Subcontinent-II (1000 to 1707)

(3 credits)

PSC-542: Sociological Study of Pakistan-II (3 credits)

PSC-552: Literary and Cultural Heritage of Pakistan-II (3 credits)



M.A (Final)

PSC-611: Issues in Pakistan’s Economy-I (3 credits)

PSC-621: Government and Politics in Pakistan-I (3 credits)

PSC-631: History of the Muslim Movements in the Subcontinent (1600-1905) (3 credits)

PSC-641: Foreign Relations of Pakistan I

PSC-651: Pakistan through Contemporary Literature and Journalism (3 credits)

PSC-612: Economy of Pakistan-II

PSC-622: Government and Politics in Pakistan-II (3 credits)

PSC-632: History of the Pakistan Movement, 1906-47 (3 Credits)

PSC-642: Foreign Relations of Pakistan II

PSC-652: Theses and Viva Voe