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Pakistan Study Centre

Pakistan Study Centre was established under an Act of the parliament passed in 1976. The Centre began functioning in 1983 and since then it has developed into a prestigious institute of higher learning and research. Apart from conducting courses at Masters, M.Phil and Ph.D., levels, the Centre has excelled in original in-house and contractual research that has received wide acclaim both at the national and international levels. Its research journal Pakistan Perspectives is regarded as one of the most prestigious journals of social sciences published in Pakistan. The Centre has also organized numerous international and national conferences apart from regular in-house seminars and symposia. The Master’s programme of the Centre is based on a multi-disciplinary course which enables the students to compete in the civil service examination and also seek place in the teaching profession.


Mission and Visions

Specific Objectives

To produce research on multi-faceted issues of Pakistan and to train professional researchers through M.Phil MS and Ph.D. programme to undertake the task of high quality research.

Vision Statement

Pakistan Study Centre into a first class research institute in social sciences which can produce researches relevant for understanding Pakistan Society and Formulating public policies, etc. to evolve it is hoped that these researches. Would help strengthen the bases of progressive and enlightened Pakistan.

Mission Statement

Pakistan Study Centre seeks to accept the challenge of realizing the vision as described above and as can also be ascertained through the guiding principles spelled out so clearly by the father of the Nation.

Message from the Chairman BoG Pakistan Study Centre

I am pleased to write this message for Pakistan Study Centre, which is a thriving teaching and research centre of the University. It has been working with utmost dedication and focused approach to achieve the objectives of its establishment. The Parliament of Pakistan has given the Centre responsibility to promote study of languages, literatures, social structure, customs, attitudes and motivation of the people of various regions of Pakistan. I am glad to see that the Centre has achieved its targets in a responsible manner so far. Its teaching programs, publications, seminars, conferences and other co-curricular activities have all been linked with these objectives. The students here are engaged in pursuing innovative and emerging themes of researches. The Centre also represents a federal character in its approach, composition as well as the courses. The conferences and seminars held so far have been aimed at nurturing national cohesion as well as celebrating cultural and ethnic diversity found in Pakistan. The Centre embodies a progressive outlook so much needed for overall development of the nation in a globalized world. The students enjoy a free atmosphere necessary for developing a critical thinking. It is hoped that the Centre would continue its progress with the same zeal and dedication in future. I wish all success to the students and staff of the Centre.
Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood Iraqi
Chairman BOG

" It is hoped that the Centre would continue its progress with the same zeal and dedication in future. I wish all success to the students and staff of the Centre"

Board of Governance Structure